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The past few days, months, and years have tested us all. But we know what we’re capable of when we work together — voting and living our values, taking care of each other and our planet, and building a better future for us all. Now, our work continues.

More than 75% of all CO2 emitted in human history has been emitted over the course of Joe Biden’s lifetime. How did that happen?

Fossil fuel monopolies.

We’ve been trapped in generational cycles of dirty energy that are hard to break — and things are getting worse.

The climate is our most important issue, not just in the US, but globally. The Biden-Harris administration knows that, and they’ve set some high climate goals, like 100% clean energy. Let’s push to make sure they follow through on these campaign promises.

Here’s what we at Arcadia want to see, and will keep pushing for:

  • Open energy data: Everyone should be able to see, use, and move their own energy data wherever they live. Energy data helps customers optimize their energy, size solar and battery systems, become more energy efficient, and use the grid more efficiently. Right now, utility companies block access to that data — even though customers like you paid for 100 million new smart meters through rate increases! The government has launched open data initiatives across finance and healthcare — we need to do the same for utilities.
  • Electrify and Rewire America: We can’t stand by and wait for our politicians to clean up their act, or our grid. Together, we have the power to make a significant impact against climate change by choosing to power our homes with clean energy. Renewable energy for all doesn’t just build a greener future, it builds a more secure and prosperous future, too — because installing renewable energy in more homes can create 25 million new jobs. It’s a win-win.
  • Grid neutrality: A renewable energy future is a team effort, so everyone needs equal access to better energy. Similar to net neutrality in telecom/data, we need grid neutrality — so anyone who wants to install a renewable solar or wind farm, or add solar, batteries, or electric vehicle chargers in their home can do so without tedious permitting and high costs.

What can you do right now?

  • Keep voting with your wallet by getting renewable energy at home — and encourage your friends and family to do the same. Customers in all 50 states have never had easy access to renewable energy, and Arcadia is here to change that.
  • Put pressure on your leaders on a local, city, and state level. Remind your local leadership that climate action matters to you. Despite how important this is to you and me, many policymakers need to be told that their constituents want a clean energy economy.

We know that individual demand can help create climate-positive shifts faster than ever, in our government and in our energy. Thank you again for being part of this community and choosing a cleaner home.

Let’s not stop until we reach a 100% renewable energy future.

Vote for clean energy, starting with your own home.
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Kiran Bhatraju

Kiran Bhatraju is the CEO and founder of Arcadia.

Washington, DC