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Since first launching our nationwide Community Solar program in 2016, Arcadia users have helped produced 280 MWh of solar power across the country, and have saved almost $80,000 on their electric bills. Thanks to you, all of our 3,950 solar spots sold out last year. We have now partnered with Sunwealth, a Boston-based clean energy investment firm, to add 800+ new panels. Any Arcadia member, no matter where they live, can sign up to support solar power and receive solar savings.

Purchasing any of these 800 panels takes just two minutes, can be done from your Arcadia dashboard, and will result in savings on each of your monthly power bills. More importantly, anyone who purchases one of these spots will be supporting meaningful solar investment in communities throughout the U.S.

Each solar installation delivers powerful change to communities in the forms of cleaner, cheaper solar power while delivering financial benefits to partners - like you. Our partners at Sunwealth have brought solar power to houses of worship, international nonprofits, schools, and more. 

Below are just a few of the locations that these Sunwealth projects support.

Epiphany Solar Project

The Epiphany School is a school for children of economically-disadvantaged families. It offers financial aid for all students who attend the school. It is a safe place where children of diverse faiths, races, cultures, and cognitive profiles are encouraged and supported to reach their full potential. The Epiphany School also offers support to their students, their families, and any and all teachers-in-training. They ensure that all graduates are prepared to contribute positively to society.

Greentown Labs Solar Project

Greentown Labs is the leading cleantech incubator in the United States, with more than 50 cleantech companies building and commercializing breakthrough solutions for renewable power generation, sustainable transportation, energy efficiency, battery storage, industrial waste recycling, water conservation and more. The solar project is installed upon the roof of Greentown’s brand new Global Center for Cleantech Innovation, which had its grand opening in May.

Kenilworth Solar Project

Kenilworth Parkside Resident Management Corporation or “KPRMC” for short, is one of the oldest public housing projects in D.C. KPRMC supports positive community development, and gained national attention in 1988 when it became the first public housing project to be sold to its residents in an initiative championed by Mayor Marion Barry, President Ronald Reagan, and U.S. Representative Jack Kemp.

How Many Thousands of kWh Each Project is Expected to Produce

In addition to the amazing projects above, you can support local solar on the rooftops of the police department in Los Gatos, CA, office buildings across four Mid-Atlantic states, and multifamily apartment buildings in Greater Boston, MA. Through our powerful partnership with Sunwealth, we are unlocking unique opportunities to invest in the commercial solar market while supporting an inclusive transition to a clean energy economy.

For more details on how Community Solar works visit our recent blog Community Solar: How It Works.