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Drivers of the brand new Audi e-tron® can now support wind and solar power, while saving on charging costs

We’re thrilled to announce a new partnership with Audi of America, Inc. today that allows owners of Audi’s first all-electric vehicle, the e-tron®, to support renewable energy production, and help offset at-home charging and other electricity consumption.

The collaboration coincides with last night’s world premiere of the long-awaited e-tron® in San Francisco, California and the opening of the Audi’s reservation system for U.S. customers. To get started, customers can visit arcadiapower.com/audi, connect their electricity bill to Arcadia, and select a renewable energy project to support.

E-tron® owners can invest in solar power, without any installation costs

Through the new partnership, U.S. e-tron® customers who receive energy bills from their local utilities can offset their home electricity consumption by supporting renewable energy sources like wind and solar. In fact, e-tron® owners can invest in renewable energy without the added costs of a rooftop solar installation.

Any owner—no matter if they rent or own their home or apartment—can subscribe to a remote solar project by signing up for our nationwide Community Solar program. Subscribers then receive savings on their monthly electricity costs, depending on the project’s energy production.

“EV owners need more clean energy choices for their home charging stations,” said Kiran Bhatraju CEO of Arcadia. “Most Americans feel like they don’t have control over their energy usage, but our technology now gives anyone in the U.S. who pays a power bill the ability to create a new energy account where they can tap into wind and solar power, and save, in minutes. We are excited to partner with Audi of America to connect more EV drivers to these sustainable energy choices, and see this partnership as just the beginning.”

Audi driver’s can create an account to support renewable energy production today

Interested Audi drivers can create a free account and join a community of more than 175,000 renters and homeowners in all 50 states supporting renewable energy sources and saving money by visiting arcadiapower.com/audi.

U.S. customers can now reserve their e-tron® by visiting audiusa.com/reserve