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In action movies, there is always a foolproof backup plan in place to get the “good guys” out of any major trouble with the “bad guys”

Now imagine our earth is in an action movie. Earth plays the “good guys” and global warming plays the “bad guys”. Global warming is constantly destroying Earth, and Earth needs some help. Of course, we are trying to get laws and regulations and lifestyle changes to make global warming go away.

But what if our efforts are not enough? What happens when Earth cannot take it anymore and it needs more backup?

Well, that is exactly what climate scientists have been thinking about over these past few years. A backup plan for earth.

Two studies that could change the world

There are two new studies that have been published in Science that discuss exactly what geoengineering methods we would need to help the Earth if its climate is, literally, too hot to handle.

The first method involved sulfur atmospheric injection. This is where scientists mimic the effects of volcanic eruptions by injecting sulfur into the atmosphere. These injections would, in turn, deflect solar radiation away from the earth and decreasing its temperature.

The second method is cirrus cloud modification. Cirrus clouds are known to trap heat in the atmosphere. So with this method,  scientists would put chemicals, dust, or pollen in these clouds to break them down. By breaking them down, it allows for more heat escape from them.

**The massive downside **

But like many action movies, many backup plans can be riskier than they are worth.

Both methods are only a temporary solution to a permanent problem. For example, injecting sulfur into the atmosphere will only cost us millions of dollars in supplies and cause worldwide droughts. Cloud seeding could lead to further cirrus cloud formation if not properly executed. This means more heat would be trapped, and the CO2 levels would not decrease as planned.

So what can we do

We are ignoring the larger problem - that humans cause climate change, driving the earth to its eventual demise.

But good movies should always have a happy ending, right? So what can we do?

We need to drive ourselves to change our own lives for the better. This, in turn, will make the world a cleaner, healthier place to live. Here is a list of 50 Ways to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint. Easy, simple changes are the best and most effective plan to save our home.