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Your Arcadia Clean Energy Statement is the foundation of your Arcadia membership. Understanding what it says, what you are actually paying for, and where to find it is crucial for anyone to enjoy their Arcadia account.  

Alike to many other bills, power bills can be confusing, but we are here to help you decide what it all means. Each number listed correlates with a different part of the example bill below. Follow along and learn some more about your Clean Energy Statement.

How to View  Your Clean Energy Statement:

If you are on bill-pay with Arcadia, you will receive a monthly Clean Energy Statement from us where we consolidate your monthly utility charges, clean energy usage, and any credits that have been applied to your account. You can view your statements on your Arcadia dashboard under “Statements”, and will receive an email notification from us each time your new statement is ready to vie. Here a few different ways your statement may look depending on what programs you have enrolled in.


Your Basic Information

There are 6 bits of information that can be found on every Clean Energy Statement, no matter what programs you are enrolled in.

The pieces of information included here are your:

  1. 8 digit Arcadia account number
  2. Service address
  3. Payment method - which can be either a checking account or credit card (no fees)
  4. Bill total
  5. Full name, or the name of whomever the statement was created for
  6. The date your payment is scheduled for - which is when your method of payment will be charged the amount on your bill

All accounts are on automatic payment, no matter what programs you sign up for.

You will also see “Local Utility Charge” on the majority of the bill types below. Your local utility charges are determined by your specific utility, based on your kWh usage and their individual rates. We do not control or change your utility charges.

You can also choose to pay with either a credit/debit card or checking account with no fees at all.

**Your Bill Layout Depending on the Program: **

The bottom part of your Arcadia Clean Energy Statement will start to look different depending on what programs you choose. To make billing easy and seamless for our members, each program is just a different line item added below your “Local Utility Charge”. Not every member will have all of the line items shown in this example statement. However, we have included all possible line items that could be included on your statement to give you an idea how each program should look.

Here is the payment breakdown of an Arcadia statement:

  1. Local Utility Charge
  • Your local utility charges
  • You will notice these charges will decrease if you are eligible for Price Alerts and we find you a lower, fixed rate.
  1. Wind Energy Charge
  • How much it costs you to cover half of your usage with Wind Energy (which is $0.00)
  • OR If you decided to cover all of your usage with Wind Energy, this line item be how much it costs you to do so (which depends on how many kWh you used that month at 1.5c/kWh)
  1. Solar Savings
  • How much you receive in solar savings, which increases depending on how much power the panels generate and/or how many panels you purchase.
**Evergreen 100% wind**

There are a small number of utilities that our platform does not yet integrate with. If we cannot pay your utility bill through our platform, this means you are an Evergreen Member. As an Evergreen Member, your only charge is how many kWh it takes to cover all of your usage with wind energy. The only line item is your “Wind Energy Charge”. This charge is based on your average monthly kWh usage at 1.5c/kWh and calculated at the beginning of your Evergreen Membership.

Your Impact

On every bill on the right, you will see a “Your Impact” section with your clean energy impact in numbers. Your “Clean kWh” (#10)  is a number for the amount of clean kWh you have purchased that month as an Arcadia member. We also provide your “Clean Impact” (#11) which is a number that equals the amount of CO2 you diverted that month based on your clean kWh usage.

What Changes?

When you become an Arcadia member, you will be on automatic payments with us.

This means you will need to turn off autopay with your utility when your utility balance is $0 **to make sure you are not paying twice. **You will now receive your monthly utility charges through the single monthly Arcadia Clean Energy Statement. You can choose to pay your bill with either a debit/credit card or checking account for no additional fee.

Half or all of your usage will also be covered with wind energy! You may even get a lower rate, save money, and get connected to a remote or local community solar project. Not a bad deal.