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In the second quarter of 2017, renewable energy generated almost one-third of the UK’s electricity. Wind produced more energy than any other renewable energy source.

Setting a Record, and a Precedent

This is a record for the UK when it comes to renewable energy production per quarter. In the first quarter of the year, they hit 26.9% renewable energy and set the record high. This quarter, however, they completely crushed that percentage. This inspires countries around the world to rely more on renewable energy. When they see that an entire country can successfully power almost one-third of its land on clean energy production, they are willing to invest

The Breakdown of Energy

Wind accounted for 45% of the renewable energy generation of this quarter. Solar chipped in massively, as well, providing a quarter of the UK energy demand overall. Offshore wind energy production went up by 50% from the same period last year. On-shore wind provided 27% of the quarter’s need while offshore provided 18%.

The Future of Renewable Energy

The more large countries that start to adopt and put money into renewable energy, the easier it will be to transition to a cleaner world. Smaller countries, and larger countries alike, will be inspired to put their funds into this greater cause. Not only will it save them money, but it will reduce pollution worldwide.