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It is no secret that the current U.S. leadership has not put climate change as a top priority. But that does not mean that is the sentiment of the entire country. After the U.S. dropped out of the Paris Agreement, cities, states and their leaders all took responsibility in making comprehensive climate change policy a reality.

The Latest Success in Climate Policy

The latest success was at a two-day summit by U.S. mayors in Massachusetts where U.S. mayors designed a six-point energy recommendation. The six-point document is looking to promote investment in distributed generation, energy storage, microgrids, and the preservation of tax credits to support renewable energy. The recommendations are extremely heavy on tax reform and funding for climate resiliency.

What They Hope to Achieve

The main goal of this document is to promote and modernize the grid. By discussing smart grids and microgrids, they hope to address climate resilience and clean tech into one legal write-up.

Altering the grid is potentially one of the most major changes to ever be included in climate change policy. The energy grid connects the entire country to energy sources and altering this can create some massive system changes. Decentralizing the grid will help the renewable energy market grow, but would completely change the role of a utility.

The Next Steps

These infrastructure proposals will eventually make it to U.S. Congress. The problem is whether or not Congress will approve the proposals, given the Republican Party controls both the House and Senate. Of course, there are individuals in this party who are for renewable energy. The party itself has publically supported lowering taxes and a reduced role in the federal government, which makes it much harder to get support for municipalities.

The political environment will make it an extreme challenge to get these policies through Congress. However, the more the country works to promote climate legislation on an individual basis, the more successful we will be.