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Tyler has always loved the outdoors. Between countless lab hours, while finishing a PhD in Biochemistry at Yale University, he loves exploring all the challenging trails and beautiful hikes New England has to offer.

One place gives him inspiration above the rest — Glacier National Park, Montana. Founded over 100 years ago, this iconic national park’s mountain peaks and glacier-carved valleys are some of the most incredible in North America.

I am mostly inspired by the future I want to leave behind.

Glacier National Park is known for the once abundant presence of huge glaciers, remnants of an ice age more than 10,000 years ago. Tyler remembers the sight of these mighty glaciers fondly, but there was also something uneasy stuck in his mind. At Glacier National Park, he was struck head-on with the stark reality of climate change. These mighty glaciers are dying.

image of Glacier National Park

As a biochemist, Tyler spends hours in the lab observing changes in nature at the smallest scale. And he was now confronted with the stark reality of nature changing at the largest scale. In Glacier National Park, the effects of climate change are abundantly clear. Many of the park’s glaciers are already gone, while current glaciers appear reduced by as much as 85% already. Tyler wanted to do something. He needed to take action.

I am mostly inspired by the future I want to leave behind. I have been blessed to be able to travel and see the beautiful country we live in and one of the most inspiring places I’ve been was Glacier National Park. As the environment has warmed up, the Glaciers there have shrunk in size and number to the point where it’s likely that the next generation will not have the chance to hike above glaciers at all in the park. I would love for this not to be the case and to be able to go back in 2030 and still see these inspiring views. – Tyler

Tyler needed to find new ways to help combat climate change effectively, without putting additional stress on his budget, schedule, studies, or home. That’s when he found Arcadia.

Signing up was easy, and with Arcadia doing the work to help him source clean energy for his home, Tyler could continue focusing on his studies. Even better, the 50% Wind Energy program he uses with Arcadia is free!

Every month when Tyler get’s his Arcadia statement, he also gets an impact report — detailing exactly how much clean energy has been generated on his behalf, and how much CO2 was saved from our atmosphere. It’s a small, personal action, making a real impact. After six months with Arcadia Tyler decided to look into what else he could to further his clean energy impact.

Sustainable living means that I can leave the world and my local community in a way that my son will be able to enjoy as he grows up. – Tyler

For him and his future-family to see the glaciers again, and enjoy that same inspiration, Tyler needed more people to join him.

Sustainability is incredibly important to Tyler. He wanted to multiply the effect of his clean impact. So, Tyler went about the task of getting almost all of his friends and family on the Arcadia platform too. So far, him and his friends together have supported the generation of 43,334 kWh of clean energy and offset 33 tons of CO2.

As part of Arcadia’s referral program, Tyler got a $1,000 credit on his power bills. As an added bonus for his commitment to sustainability, now Tyler won’t be paying a power bill for most of the year. Anyone who gets 10 referrals signed up to the Arcadia platform get’s $1,000, and more.

Invite 10 friends. Get $1000.

Since joining Arcadia in September, 2018, Tyler has personally helped offset a full ton of CO2, and counting. Combined with all of his friends, that number is even higher. However, he doesn’t feel like his work is done yet. Tyler’s next step is to get his family in Florida onboard — helping match all their much-needed air conditioning use with clean energy too.