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Wind and solar farms are popping up all around the country every day. However, the mass majority of new renewable energy projects do not have any energy storage capacity. Although this is just a recent development in energy, storage is extremely important to creating a clean energy future. And, of course, Tesla has the right idea.

**Partnering for energy storage **

Tesla is expecting to build a massive offshore wind farm in Massachusetts with a 144-megawatt capability. They are expecting to partner with Deepwater Wind, an energy supplier in the state, and use Powerpack storage batteries to store energy. They will be able to store up to 40 MWh which means they can store energy during high generation and reuse it at peak energy use.

Deepwater wind still has to compete with many other companies to partner with Tesla in their new endeavor. No matter what company partners with Tesla, energy storage will still be one of the major components in this project.

A little more on energy storage

Energy storage is important because of the major amount of excess energy created in the process. For the first time in the history of renewable energy, we will be able to store the KWh and MWh that we were once losing. This means that renewable energy now has the ability to produce more power, much more efficiently than nonrenewables ever could.

Looking to the future

Every type of renewable energy is able to utilize these storage batteries. Whether it is solar, wind, geothermal, wave, etc. we will have the power to store this energy and save it for when it is needed.Nonrenewable energy never had the capacity to do this. Non renewables are also much more expensive, and less widely available than any type of renewable energy being used today. Renewables are leading the way to a brighter, cleaner, more efficient future.