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The storms hit Puerto Rico over two weeks ago and they still do not have enough help or resources to survive. The President and the government have not sent enough aid to the affected areas, so other organizations have stepped in their place. This includes the solar industry.

The Solar Companies Stepping In

From the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) to Tesla, companies and organizations all across the country are focusing their best efforts on restoring Puerto Rico. Tesla is sending Powerwall storage packs to the area to help them restore power. SEIA is coordinating with solar companies that are able to help install and donate equipment.

The Most Immediate Response

Individuals, countries, and communities alike have been using solar as a way to get help to the people of Puerto Rico as fast as possible. Haiti sent solar lamps to Puerto Rico. Goal Zero, a portable solar company, is also gathering donations - as well as many other companies just like it.

The Biggest Obstacle to Overcome

The problem is that the solar industry is not trained in how to react to disaster relief. They are not used to the rebuilding process, but they were willing to take on such a large role. The solar industry is ready and willing to help, but they never knew that they would have to take on as much responsibility.

The Future of Solar Energy in a Global Emergency

Because the government is not as involved, the renewable energy industry as a whole felt the need to step in and help. Although this is a massive feat, they are expecting to slash the time that Puerto Rico is expected to have energy again. They hope that they will be able to coordinate with the government to make this a long-term emergency management plan.

The solar energy industry is forward-thinking. Solar was founded on the future, and the industry is using it to helpĀ save a massive community from the dark. They hope that these short-term plans will blossom into long-term lifestyles that can save communities from these tragedies for years to come.

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