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Scotland produced enough power from wind to supply its national electricity demand for six full days, in just six months. This power was produced by one wind farm only: Whitelee.

This Scottish wind farm is the largest onshore wind farm in all of the UK. It alone provides over 6.6 million kWh per half year.

Surpassing the need of an entire country

Last month alone, Whitlee produced enough kWh to supply 118% of the country with full power. Whitelee impresses all of Europe, if not the world, with its clear ability to surpass the need of the country.

Not only is Scotland breaking records in wind, they are also creating more jobs, investments, and sustainable laws through renewables. For example, the country is working on a stronger climate bill to help reduce the reliance on fossil fuels.

Scotland already has the capacity to provide 57% of homes with clean energy, which is an increase of over half from 2015. Their renewable energy progress is only growing, and they want to grow even more.

Long-term goals

Their goal is to completely reduce their reliance on fossil fuels. Given that their turbines already have the capacity to produce energy for 124% of Scottish homes, or 3 million + homes, to be exact, this goal seems very reachable in the near future.

Whitelee wind farm currently has 215 wind turbines in the works. In Scotland, alone, there are over a dozen onshore wind farms. This means that the other 10+ wind farms make up for the power Whitelee is unable to produce. The power of the farms makes the vision of a 100% renewable country much more realistic.

Scotland is setting and continually raising the bar on renewable energy in the UK. By supporting renewable energy, they are not only promoting a cleaner future but one with more reliable job opportunities.