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Minnesota energy storage

A recent study done by the University of Minnesota found that energy storage will be cheaper than building and maintaining natural gas power plants. This study found that, because of battery storage, it will be much cheaper to meet Minnesota’s power needs with renewable energy than with fossil fuels in just 5 years.

Battery technology is extremely important for the future of renewable energy. In order to power an entire city, state, country, or world on renewable energy, battery storage must be widely available. When there is not enough energy coming from our renewable sources, the batteries provide it. Batteries are the ultimate backup plan when energy production is low. They save up energy when our wind and solar sources produce too much.

The future of energy storage

We are inching closer and closer to a world where battery storage is not only possible, but is affordable too. Minnesota is leading the way on this trend. This study was based solely on Minnesota’s energy needs, so it does not apply to any other state. However, they would be the first state to fully implement a battery storage system if they properly utilized the findings of this research.

As technology and research advances, battery storage looks more and more like the cheaper, cleaner option. Research like this is helping us plan ahead, and the future is brighter because of it.

Source: Twin Cities Agenda, Utility Dive, UMN