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The administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency, Scott Pruitt, says that linking the recent hurricanes to climate change is “insensitive”.

He told CNN that discussing “the cause and effect of the storm versus helping people” is wrong and inconsiderate to the people affected. In reality, the citizenry and leaders of America can easily do both at the same time. But Pruitt stood by his case that global warming was not the issue in these tragedies and continued to avoid any discussion of it.

Just this April, Stanford confirmed what thousands upon thousands of scientists have confirmed for years - that there is a massive link between extreme weather patterns and climate change. Nasa also proved that there is an over 95% probability that the warming trend since the mid-20th century is the result of human activity. Thousands of other studies completed by credible scientists confirm that climate change is anthropogenic and has fueled extreme weather events.

What other leaders have said

The Republican mayor of Miami, Tomás Regalado, was appalled. He told the Miami Herald that there is no better time for us, and especially our leaders, to talk about climate change than now. He emphasized his belief that these hurricanes were a true indication that climate change is a real and growing threat.

Of course, those who are directly impacted by theses hurricanes do not have the time to discuss their connection to climate change. However, our local and national leaders have the ability to help curb the effects of climate change instead of ignoring that it exists. Both mayors, representatives, and administrators alike are better off believing the reality, rather than pushing off the inevitable.

As Mayor Regalado said, Hurricane Irma, along with other recent natural disasters, “is truly, truly a poster child for what is to come.” There is no time like the present to start working towards a more sustainable, better future.