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In Eastern Oregon, Avangrid Renewables has started working on the 202-megawatt wind farm that will provide Apple Inc with power. This wind farm, or the Montague Wind Power Facility, will produce over 560,000 MWh each year, which is equal to over 52,000 homes.

The Benefits of Renewable Energy

They are providing the number one largest amount of renewable energy to Apple Inc. This project is also creating over 300 construction jobs, and over a dozen full-time employees to run the farm. Apple Inc is known to promote renewable energy and sustainable initiatives, and this is one of their largest moves yet.

What’s Next for Oregon, Apple, and Renewable Energy?

Apple was able to enter into power purchase agreements with the Montague Facility due to Oregon’s Direct Access program. This program allows customers to leave cost-based service. This allowed Apple to not only buy into this wind project but into a 56-megawatt solar plant that Avangrid is developing elsewhere in Oregon.

Apple Inc is clearly looking to expand their renewable impact, and reduce their carbon one. Luckily, with Oregon’s help, Apple is able to improve its practices sustainably. Oregon serves as a positive example for other corporations who are looking to do the same.

Source: Portland Business Journal