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With almost no diesel left to burn, Puerto Rico is near a complete blackout after Hurricane Maria. One man, Hector Santiago, had the right idea six years ago. He invested $300,000 into solar power for his 40-acre nursery. This investment got him 244 solar panels that power his land and his home. He is one of the very few lucky ones in this U.S. territory who can still turn on his lights.

Renewable Energy as a First Responder

This is a horrible tragedy and the citizens need aid immediately. Unfortunately, without access to renewable energy, the people of Puerto Rico will have to wait until they have gas to have power again. Some people may believe that renewable energy is not a viable source of aid. However, it is quickly becoming part of the immediate natural disaster relief.

The Solar Industry Steps In

The solar industry is sending solar lamps and storage batteries to the area. They are even fundraising for the territory so they can eventually afford renewable energy. The good news is that these efforts are massive and can help hundreds if not thousands of people get at least some energy in the wake of the disaster.

Why We Need a Future of Renewables

Yes, Hector Santiago bought into sustainable energy much earlier than many who left with none after the storm. He thought ahead and with reliability in mind. But just because not everyone thought this way does not mean that they should not have access to energy. This is why nationwide renewable energy is so important. When relief is sent, the people of Puerto Rico can ask their leaders to support renewable energy now. Leaders, like the Prime Minister of the Caribbean Island of Dominica, Roosevelt Skerrit, even spoke up for his people about global warming to the U.N., urging the government to support a more sustainable way of living.

The people of Puerto Rico are losing vital resources as we speak. Promoting a renewable energy future makes the present move forward and the future look much brighter.

Source: Business Insider