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It is a truth universally acknowledged that moving is stressful. In fact, it’s hard to overstate just how stressful moving can be. So chances are good that in between planning, packing, and unpacking, you’re not really thinking about clean energy. And you shouldn’t have to — that’s why we’re here.

Our mission is making clean energy an accessible, easy choice for all Americans. That means helping people connect to clean energy sources, but it goes beyond that. It also means making it easy for you to keep supporting clean energy as your life changes. That includes when you move.

Clean energy shouldn’t be hard. Now, it’s one less thing to worry about as you head into your next chapter.

We’re thrilled to introduce new technology enhancements that make it easy and stress-free to take your clean energy impact with you when you move.

Find out more about each new feature below, and let us take “doing good for the planet” off your to-do list as you get settled into your new place.

Automatic account transfer if you’re moving in the same utility area

When we dug into the data, we saw that 88% of Arcadia members who move stay in the same utility area. We realized that we could make transferring their Arcadia membership much, much easier.

Now, when you open a new account within your same utility, we can automatically add it to your Arcadia account. Your clean energy impact and the other services we provide will move with you to the new account, and you don’t have to do a thing.

One-stop shop to easily manage all of your energy bills

Sometimes you’re dealing with multiple power bills at one time. Maybe there’s overlap between your account at your old place and your account at your new place. Or maybe you’re adding a vacation home (we’re jealous!). Now, you can manage all those bills from your Arcadia dashboard. Give each home a nickname and track and pay your bills from one central location.

Image of a phone screen showing Arcadia's new nickname feature. On the dashboard, we see two homes, one called "NY Apartment" and one called "Vacation Home." The user manages both from a single dashboard.

Easy, guided process for adding a home in a new utility zone

If you’re part of the 12% of movers heading to a new utility area, we have something for you, too. We’ve revamped our moving process so that you can easily add your new address and utility account right from your dashboard. Now, transferring your clean energy impact to your new home takes just a few taps.

Series of four screens showing Arcadia's new moving process. The first screen prompts the user to select the home they're moving from. On the next screen, they enter their new zip code, utility company, and home nickname. On the third screen, they answer a few questions about whether they have an online account with their new utility. The fourth screen is a confirmation screen that reads, "That's it! We'll add your new home once your service is active."

Clean energy shouldn’t be hard. Now, it’s one less thing to worry about as you head into your next chapter.

*Arcadia is a service provider independent of Pepco and is committed to putting you and the planet first. Arcadia is not affiliated with Pepco and Pepco has not approved this product.

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