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Massachusetts landed themselves in the top three states with the highest energy storage targets this summer. They are continuing to encourage energy storage throughout the state by pushing net metering technology.

Net Metering Massachusetts

Net metering is a way for renewable energy system owners to get money for the electricity they add to the grid. There is a state-wide promotion of net metering because it not only gives an incentive to those who already have systems but even to those looking into it. People who are hesitant to invest in them will be much more likely to purchase renewable energy systems, knowing they will see savings beyond the initial cost. It gives people an alternative reason to join the clean energy - to save money.

The Problems and Solutions Net Metering Creates

The problem is, this policy does not go into detail on the role of energy storage when it is paired with net-metered systems. Basically, it does a bad job of explaining just how net-metered systems, like rooftop solar, will be involved with the state’s energy storage efforts. However, it does look like the Department of Public Utilities is working to make small-scale battery storage and solar systems made by Tesla eligible for net metering.

The Future Massachusetts and Net Metering

The country is slowly inching closer to a world of renewable energy and energy storage with MA in the lead. Through the power of the individual states, the entire country can easily become a renewable superpower.

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