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By Team Arcadia

For the past two years, Arcadia members have been saving with solar power through our nationwide Community Solar program. By “purchasing” a panel hosted at one of our partner’s community solar sites, Arcadia members will access upwards of $300,000 in solar savings in the next 10 years.

We believe that everyone - regardless of where they live, or whether they rent or own - should be able to access, and benefit from, clean energy. If you can’t put a panel on your roof that should not stop you from being able to get solar savings.

We are now partnering with developers to build entirely new community solar projects in your local communities. At about 100,000 members nationwide - and growing - your commitment to Arcadia has given us an opportunity to show community solar developers that there is demand for new projects to be built.

Starting today, D.C. homeowners and renters will be able to sign up on a waitlist to tap into solar savings and support investment in their local community - for absolutely no cost. In partnership with New Columbia Solar, a local energy provider of solar electricity to residents and businesses throughout the District, we will develop new projects all over the city as more community members express interest in solar.

Creating an Arcadia account makes signing up for these projects the easiest sign-up process ever seen in the community solar market. No credit checks, no extensive paperwork, no binding contracts, and no hidden fees. And the best part? Signing up will cost you nothing, and will save you about 10% on your power bills.

If you are a renter or homeowner in The District interested in signing up for a local community solar project, join the Wait List today: www.arcadia.com/community-solar-dc/

Stay tuned for more exciting news ahead.