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Plastic bags and any use of them are now illegal in Kenya. Selling, making, and using a plastic bag are all considered crimes with fines up to $40,000 and four years of jail time.

Kenya is taking a stand

Kenya is one of the many countries that have just recently put some type of regulation on plastic bags. China and France were just two other of the over 40 nations to ban, restrict, or tax the use of plastic bags. Instead, stores give out cloth reusable bags as an alternative.

Kenya has been a major regional supplier of plastic bags for a long time. This is why the government made a change - and a strict one at that.

The effect of the plastic bag law

The new law is already in effect as of August. It took over a decade to finalize this law. However, now that it is in action, people cannot even walk around with a plastic bag without at least a fine from the government.

Plastics are taking over our oceans, and countries across the world have already taken action. Hopefully, America will soon fall in the footsteps of the surrounding countries and start cleaning up the mess we’ve made.

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