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Nearly 1 million Americans have installed rooftop solar to date, and the cost of panels has come down fivefold since 2005. But those rosy numbers don’t tell the whole story. 1 million roofs represents less than 1% of U.S. energy consumers, and roughly 92% of all Americans today are locked out of ever joining the solar revolution. ** We’re changing that, and making solar inclusive, rather than exclusive. **

Today, Arcadia announces the launch of the first nationwide Community Solar program. Now for the first time, customers across all 50 states can choose solar and save.

Community solar represents the idea that conditions of chance (where you live or if you have trees overhead), or circumstance (credit score or homeownership), shouldn’t exclude you from supporting clean renewable energy. With Arcadia’s community solar, you can bring your monthly energy costs to $0 by subscribing to a remotely located solar energy system, whether you live in an apartment or house.

This is the next logical evolution of the solar market. Think of the power grid like a grocery store. When you want to buy milk, you simply go to the store where it’s stocked and sourced from a farm. You don’t need a farm at your home. So if you want your energy bill to support clean solar energy, why should you need to live under a solar power plant?

It may sound simple, but coordinating energy production across the power grid is extremely complex. Our team of software and solar engineers have spent the last two years developing a sophisticated utility billing platform to make this program possible.

Here’s how it works:

While your home pulls electricity out of the grid, our solar farms generate electricity into the grid. When you sign up for a subscription with Arcadia, we are able to precisely track how much solar electricity your panels are generating into the power grid, and apply a credit for that amount of electricity directly onto your utility bill. Over time, customers can expect savings well above what they paid for the initial subscription cost, just like rooftop solar.

We call it a “Portable Panel” because if you move, your savings can move with you to your next home. And if you just want to buy 1 panel instead of 20, you can do that too. You can bring your bill to $0 or just cut it by a few bucks. No matter what you choose, you’ll be supporting clean, reliable solar energy.

Our team just participated in a White House Solar Finance summit focused on how to get more community solar projects off the ground, and with solar at less than 1% of our current energy mix, we’ve got a lot of ground to cover.

Before Arcadia’s announcement of our national program, community solar had been limited to only a handful of states. With our sophisticated utility billing software, we’re able to work across different states and utilities, and offer community solar subscriptions no matter where you live and what your circumstances. Our hope is that by expanding access and flexibility, we can help do our part to accelerate a clean energy future.

Join the solar revolution today, and check out the available solar projects at www.arcadia.com/solar.