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Ikea, one of the most famous furniture stores in the world, is diving into the world of solar power storage. They are going to start selling solar batteries at their stores in the UK. Energy storage technology has been improving, especially over the last decade. And now that Ikea has commercialized the batteries, more people will have access to this useful technology than ever before.

The Importance of Solar Batteries

One of the largest downfalls of renewable energy, and energy, in general, is that you cannot store it when there is overproduction. However, solar batteries can solve this problem. When you have installed solar panels, they have the ability to store energy when there is too much of it. Homeowners can then use this energy later as an off-grid supply or as backup for emergencies.

How to Obtain These Batteries

The convenience that Ikea is providing would be unheard of just a year ago. Many people have not even heard of battery storage, let alone have had the ability to buy it in-store. This is an incredible move forward for renewable energy. If you live in the UK you can just head to your local Ikea and pay about $4,000 for the batteries if you already have solar panels, or $9,000 if you need both. You can end up making this money back in just 12 years, says Ikea.

The Future of Battery Storage

Ikea has partnered with a solar company Solarcentury to make this all possible. The main reason they are selling solar batteries is to help UK homeowners save on electricity. This is a strong indication that power storage is about to become accessible not just all over the UK, but across the world.

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