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Scott and his family live in New Orleans, blocks from a famous Mississippi river bend and the Big Easy’s beating heart. His double shotgun home fits perfectly in the colorful facade of a historic neighborhood.

For Scott’s family, New Orleans is an amazing place to live. Scott loves his home, relishes a good barbecue, and anything that can be done with a DIY solution. But living in New Orleans also means being acutely aware of the threat of climate change on their community. As a result, Scott is a big advocate for clean energy and energy efficiency in their own home.

“We try to be intentional about consumption and power savings.”

Sitting below sea level and in the potential path of hurricanes, New Orleans can be a high risk zone for natural disasters such as hurricanes and coastal flooding. But Louisiana is still heavily reliant on fossil fuels for energy, and in the wake of natural disaster, this can create exceptional hazards for both the local environment and community.

Like any dedicated DIY guy, Scott has already taken action to do his part for our planet and his community by equipping his home with rechargeable batteries and outdoor solar lights. Whether it’s food, clothing, or household goods, they are also conscious shoppers — always looking for more sustainable brands and ways to live more efficiently.

Scott’s next big sustainability goals are a rooftop solar investment and better home insulation — tackling energy efficiency and securing a clean power source together.

With Arcadia, Scott is helping increase demand for wind power in his community and across the country. Even living in Louisiana, with a largely fossil fuel based energy mix, Scott is ensuring half of his monthly power bill comes from clean wind power.