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Arcadia provides homes and businesses with Wind Energy by purchasing Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) to match their electricity usage.

But what exactly are RECs and why do we use them?

When energy (in the form of electrons) from renewable sources is delivered to an interconnected power grid, the electrons become indistinguishable from electrons from conventional sources (kind of like how if you pour a bucket of water into the ocean, it is impossible to tell which water molecules were originally from your bucket). Therefore, it’s impossible to deliver only “green” electrons from a wind farm directly to your house. Energy simply goes onto the grid, mixes with other electrons, and your local utility delivers the energy mixture through the poles and wires to your home.

In order for individuals or businesses to own the renewable energy, RECs are used to track renewable energy generation. For each megawatt-hour (1 MWh) of energy that wind farms and other renewable energy projects produce, a corresponding REC is also created. RECs provide people with a way to legally own the social and environmental benefits of renewable energy, separate from the flow of electrons.

That’s where Arcadia comes in.

By buying RECs on behalf of homes and businesses, we transfer ownership of the renewable energy to our customers, essentially supplying their homes/businesses with 100% clean energy. Purchasing RECs is also a direct investment in the growth of renewable energy projects, helping them increase their competitiveness with dirty energy sources like fossil fuels.

How Clean Energy Works

Do you want to power your home on clean energy and invest in green power projects? Sign up for Wind Energy with Arcadia today!