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When you begin to think about purchasing a new television it’s likely that all you’re thinking about is screen size and price tag. What you may not have known or notices is that the FTC requires every TV to display an Energy Guide label that estimates the annual cost of running a television based on the amount of energy it uses and the average cost of electricity. These estimates are also based on a 5 hour per day usage time. Televisions have gotten much more efficient over the last few years and the larger sized models are becoming increasingly affordable. Still, before you spend a couple hundred (or thousand) dollars on a new TV, you should consider the yearly cost you should expect during your TV’s lifetime.

Energy Star televisions ranging from 35-50 inches use between 38.5 and 81 kWh annually. This all depends on the size of the screen and the type of technology is uses to illuminate the picture. LED TVs, like LED light bulbs, are more efficient than other models of the same size. Below we have outlined some Energy Star models in varying sizes.

Under 50 inches: Samsung UN50J5500AF (49.5 in)

Annual Energy Consumption: 66.3 kWh

Type: Direct-Lit LED

Above 50 inches: VIZIO - E65x-C2 (65 in)

Annual Energy Consumption: 77.9 kWh

Type: Direct-Lit LED

There are other ways to keep your electricity bill down while still using your TV. One option is to buy a smaller model. A 32-in LED TV will likely use about half of the electricity of a larger 60-inch model. If you just can’t live without the big screen or have a home theater, you can still save money by watching your TV with a dimmer picture. Turn down the lights in the room and enjoy a slightly dimmer picture and a slightly fuller wallet. You can always choose to use your TV less but don’t forget that even if it is off, it is likely pulling power from the wall. Hook your TV up to a smart power strip that will prevent the phantom load of powered-off devices from impacting your electric bill.

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