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Before they became extremely popular, reusable water bottles only seemed to be used by avid hikers who hooked them to their camping backpacks on long trips. Nowadays, almost everyone is seen carrying reusable water bottles to work, to the gym, and pretty much anywhere for easy access to a personal supply of water.

The benefit of using a reusable bottle is not just for personal convenience, though, it’s for the benefit of the earth as well. Having a reusable water bottle is known as one of the best ways to save plastic and water. But how much plastic does one reusable bottle actually save? It’s a lot more than you may think.

How much can a reusable water bottle hold?

The average reusable bottle holds about 32 oz, whereas the average plastic water bottle can only hold 16 oz.

The average human should be drinking at least 8 cups, or 64 oz, of water a day. This means that if you fill up your reusable bottle once, you are already drinking half of your daily goal. This amount of water alone would require you to use two 16 oz plastic bottles, and four for the entire day. That said, one reusable bottle can hold twice as much as an average plastic bottle, resulting in less refills and more water at a lower price.

So how many plastic water bottles would I be saving?

Since you, the average human, need to drink four plastic bottles per day, you would be saving 1,460 plastic bottles per year by using a reusable bottle. Even if you only purchased one plastic bottle per day, you’re still wasting over 300 non reusable containers that could be spared with one reusable bottle.

How expensive are reusable water bottles?

The average reusable bottle ranges from $5 to $10. An average plastic bottle costs around $1, but can be upwards of almost $3 depending on where you are purchasing it.

Although plastic bottles are cheaper at the individual price, they are much more expensive in the long run. If you drink four or more bottles per day, for example, you’re paying upwards of $20 each day to drink from a non reusable container. To purchase a reusable bottle, there’s only a flat, one time cost of $10 at most.

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So how much money would I be saving if I purchased one?

Over the course of a year, if you drank four bottles per day, at an average cost of $2 per bottle, you would spend almost $3,000 per year just on water. With a reusable bottle, even if you needed to buy a new one within a year, you would only be spending $20 per year at most. This would leave you with an extra $2,980 in the bank.

What about all of the other liquids I drink?

There are reusable bottles, like the S’well Bottle, that are designed and used to transport liquids other than water. With products like S’well, you can carry hot and cold liquids, such as coffee and tea, and save on the cost, and impact, of packaging your daily caffeine fix. Although the S’well Bottle and ones similar to them are a little more expensive (ranging up to $35 or higher) they are worth the price in the end.

How much is my coffee costing me?

Since a daily cup of coffee ranges from $2 to $5, you’re likely spending over $1,200 per year on coffee that you could simply make and transport from home. Of course you’ll still have to pay for the coffee itself, but buying in bulk rather than paying for a container at Starbucks or another coffee shop will help you save.

If you’re already spending around $3,000 just to drink water, adding an extra $1,200 per year for coffee is daunting. Avoid these high costs by purchasing a $10 reusable bottle and a $35 coffee and tea transporter. You’ll save thousands of dollars in the long run.

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