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James has spent years working for the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation, hiking hundreds of miles, and giving his home an energy efficiency upgrade.

In his own ranch-style home, he has invested in Solar water heaters, electric thermal storage heaters, a wood stove, and lots of new insulation. He also joined Arcadia.

I focus on saving energy as a way of life.

While working to conserve energy and boost his home efficiency, James still wanted a way to make the power he was using clean.

Since joining Arcadia, James has helped us purchase 650,000 MW of clean energy for our users (and counting). He’s personally averted more than a ton of carbon from our atmosphere, while we actively find ways for him to save money.

The best part? He’s now first in line to receive savings from a free local New York community solar project.

Once added to a project, James will see solar power savings applied to his consolidated, monthly Arcadia statement.

Pay attention to the big picture … think about what is going on [at] the global scale.

A big part of James’ life has been dedicated to work in environmental conservation, and sustainability projects around his own home upstate. Conserving energy, and increasing efficiency are pillars of sustainability for James.

Whether in his sustainability mission or passion for long-distance hiking, James takes the long view. Through hard work and dedication, his home has become an example of efficiency and energy conservation. For the rest, he was able to make one easy choice with Arcadia.