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Everything Christy does is for her students. A first and second-grade teacher of 20 years, she’s taking steps in her daily life to ensure that they have a sustainable future. Signing up for Arcadia was an important step for her.

I absolutely love my job.”

Christy’s Montana house was built nearly 90 years ago. Since she’s moved in, Christy has worked hard to make it energy efficient. LED bulbs, energy-efficient appliances, and a xeriscaped yard were a big start. An upgraded furnace and insulation helps keep it warm in the winter, and new double-cell blinds help shade them in the summer. Forgoing air conditioning is a big help for their bills and efficiency. A few open windows keep their home plenty comfortable in the cool mountain air.

“I care deeply for the wild…The only way I can continue moving forward is to do all I can to protect it.”

An energy efficient home wasn’t enough. She knew the power she was using was still coming mostly from fossil fuels, accelerating climate change.

Christy joined Arcadia and signed up for 100% wind energy. She’s now matching all her home’s energy with the clean energy from wind farms — equivalent to removing over two tons of CO2 from the atmosphere.

Though she’s done much already, she’s not done yet. Christy is always looking for new ways to live a low-waste life. She shops to avoid plastics, buys locally grown food when possible, and has decided to make sustainable fashion a priority this year. Second hand or sustainably made clothing is now her preference.

“We are always looking for ways to consume less”

From her classroom to the mountains around her home, Christy is inspired to make a cleaner impact every day. Each choice she makes is guided by a passion for the earth and people around her.