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Eco Friendly Products for Your Kitchen

Aside from using energy efficient appliances, there are many ways to make your kitchen more sustainable. Doing so starts with making sure the products you use are eco friendly. Conventional cleaning supplies is often very toxic for the environment. The thousands of chemicals in these products tend to be non-biodegradable and pollute rivers, streams, and water sources for years to come. The environmental effects that these chemicals have on the environment are largely unknown, yet these chemicals are indisputably harmful to both the environment and your health. In order to reduce your household’s use of such toxic chemicals, and to reduce waste, consider using eco friendly products in your kitchen.

Ecover Auto Dishwasher Tablets

Ecover uses fermentation of natural substances to create household cleaners and soaps. These dishwashers tablets are phosphate- free, biodegradable, and made with plant based minerals, making for a safe and eco friendly way to clean your dishes.

Nellie’s All-Natural Dishwasher Powder

Nellie’s All-Natural Dishwasher Powder is simple, natural way to clean your dishes free of any toxins or chemicals. This dishwasher powder is biodegradable, nontoxic, hypoallergenic,  and made with no GMO’s. Its simplicity and eco- friendliness make it a great tool for a sustainable kitchen.

Seventh Generation Dish Liquid

This dish liquid is biodegradable and is a USDA certified bio-based product. It is also hypoallergenic, non- toxic, and is made of a 100% recycled plastic bottle. All in all, this is a great addition to an eco-minded kitchen.

Bamtastic Reusable Cleaning Towels

These towels are a great way to reduce waste in your kitchen. Bamtastic’s reusable cleaning towels are made from 100% plant fibers and are machine washable for up to 100 times. Save trees and reduce waste by using these reusable towels.

Be Good Dish Scrub Brush

This dish scrub brush is made from both recycled and renewable materials. The brush’s bristles and head are made of recycled plastic, and the handle is made from bamboo. Furthermore, it is finished with natural oils, making this a great choice for a green kitchen.

Biobag’s Compostable Sandwich Bags or Foodscrap Bags

These bags are certified 100% compostable, meeting both US and European requirements. These bags also contain low levels of heavy metals and have no negative effects on the composting process. Biobag’s products are a great alternative to conventional plastic bags that are both wasteful and contain toxic chemicals.

Preserve plates, cups, and utensils

Preserve’s tableware are made of 100% recycled material. These plates, cups, and utensils are also BPA free and melamine free. In addition to being eco friendly, Preserve’s tableware is strong and durable and it can be reused thousands of times.

Vegware’s Compostable Bagasse Plates

Sometimes it is necessary to use ‘disposable’ plates. When you do, choose Vegware’s compostable bagasse plates. These plates are made of sugar cane pulp and are 100% biodegradable. Furthermore, these plates are both microwave and dishwasher safe.

Bamboo Serving Bowl

Bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants in the world, making it one of our most renewable resources. When choosing kitchen supplies, look for products made of bamboo like this serving bowl.

Stainless Steel Reusable Drinking Straws

These reusable drinking straws are a great way to minimize waste in your kitchen. These stainless steel straws are made with nontoxic, food-grade steel and come with a cleaning brush for easy maintenance. Reduce your liter with these eco- friendly straws.

ROK Presso Manual Espresso Machine

Reduce your kitchen’s energy consumption with this manual espresso machine. No need for electricity with this easy-to-use gadget!

Eco Friendly Products for Your Bathroom

The bathroom is a great place to look to for improving your home’s sustainability. Of course you can turn off the water while brushing your teeth and take shorter showers to conserve water, but checkout these eco friendly products that will help take your green living to the next level.

Nebia Shower Head

Nebia is an entirely new way to experience a shower. This is a fully installed shower system that atomizes water into tiny droplets. What more? It uses 70% less water than the average household shower head.

Low-Flow Faucet Aerator

This faucet add-on is a great way to conserve water in your bathroom. This aerator is easy to install, and meets ASME standards and is California Energy Commission Certified. Furthermore, this water saver is a WaterSense labeled product, as it reduces water consumption by 30%.

Eco-Dent Toothpaste

Eco- Dent is an all natural toothpaste made without fluoride, sodium lauryl sulfate, and other harmful chemicals. This toothpaste uses the natural power of baking soda, making brushing your teeth safer for both you and the environment.

Dr. Bonner’s Natural Castile Liquid Soap

Dr Bonner’s soap an organic soap that is biodegradable and comes in a 100% recycled bottle. This soap has vegan, organic, and cruelty free certifications, and lacks all the harmful chemicals of many synthetic liquid soaps.

Seventh Generation’s 100% Recycled Toilet Paper

This 100% recycled toilet paper is made from 100% recycled paper with a minimum of 50% post-consumer recycled paper. It is also made without chemicals containing chlorine.

Bagasse Facial Tissue

Made with sugar cane, this facial tissue is made from renewable resources. They are also biodegradable and 70% tree free. Furthermore, these tissues reduce pollution by avoiding the process of burning of sugar cane pulp.

Eco Friendly Products for Your Living Room

The living room is yet another space in which you can seriously improve your household’s greenness. A big part of making your living room eco friendly is reducing energy consumption. To do so, consider buying these green products.


The list of most energy efficient TV’s provides tons of options for great quality TV’s that are also energy efficient. Switching to these products will greatly reduce your energy usage in the living room.

LED Lighting

LED lighting is a great energy efficient addition to your living room. LED lights typically use more than 75% less energy than typical light bulbs, and last nearly 25 times longer. Not only does this help the environment, switching to LED light bulbs will save you tons on your electricity bill.

BITS Smart Power Strip

Keep all of your electronics plugged in to this innovative surge protector that reduces idle power flow. These outlets all work together to automatically power on and off your devices, making for a great addition to an energy efficient living room.

Earth Weave Bio-Floor Natural Carpet

Made completely of organic materials, this stylish rug is 100% biodegradable. Bio-Floors rugs are without toxic chemicals. Choose these eco friendly rugs for your living room.

Earth Weave Sustainable Natural Rug Gripper

If you’re going to choose an eco friendly carpet, you should also consider an eco friendly rug gripper from Earth Weave. This rug gripper is made without chemicals such as fire retardants, glues, dyes, or adhesives, making for a safe and green living room.

Eco-Friendly Natural Lamp

Want to show just how green your living room is? Buy this light that houses a plant inside. This combination of photosynthesis and LED lighting is perfect for an eco friendly living room.

Ginko Eco-Friendly Solar Tree Charger

Spice up your living room with this cool looking solar charge made of eco friendly materials. This charger uses solar to quickly power your phone in just 2 hours, and has LED displays for increase energy efficiency.

La Crosse Solar Analog Wall Clock

Save energy and money with this hybrid wall clock! Has a front facing solar panel that keeps your household on time while reducing waste and energy usage.

Bio-Ethanol Fireplace by Acquaefuoco

For the ultimate eco friendly living room statement, choose this sleek bio-ethanol fueled fireplace. No need to worry about pollution your living room with this fireplace!

Eco Friendly Products for Your Bedroom

GLO Organic Natural Bedding

GLO products are both GOTS certified Organic and fair trade certified. These organic materials are sustainably farmed without with bio-dynamic growing methods and without harmful pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, and herbicides.

La Cross Solar Powered Alarm Clock

Reduce your energy usage by choosing this solar alarm clock! A great addition to an eco-minded bedroom.

Eco Friendly Products for Your Laundry Room

There are plenty of ways to make your laundry room more eco friendly. Conventional laundry detergents are filled with toxic chemicals that are both bad for the environment and bad for your household. Choose products with natural ingredients instead.

Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day Laundry Detergent

Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day Laundry Detergents are  mostly made from renewable plant resources such as coconut, palm, corn, soy, and olive. These detergents also lack many of the toxic chemicals that conventional laundry detergents have. The packaging is made with 25% post consumer recycled materials and is recyclable.

Seventh Generation Laundry Detergent Packs

This detergent laundry pack is EPA Safer Choice certified, making it a great and safe choice for your laundry room. Seventh Generation laundry detergent packs are also USDA Certified Bio-based - 94%, and are made with plant based, natural materials.

Eco Friendly Products for Your Yard and Garden

Choosing eco friendly products for your lawn or garden is also a great way to increase your home’s environmental friendliness. Start by choosing these green products.

Recycled Plastic Composter

Composting is essential for maintaining a sustainable household. Choose this recycled plastic composter to convert food scraps and waste into effective fertilizer.

BioBag Compostable Liners

When composting, choose these compostable liners that are 100% biodegradable.

Recycled Plastic Water Hose

Increase your outdoor sustainability with this durable garden hose that is made of recycled plastic. It is also lead and toxic chemical free.

Neptune’s Harvest Seaweed Plant Food

This organic fertilizer is made of 60 naturally occurring nutrients. This eco friendly fertilizer reuses what otherwise would be waste from fishing.

Fire Belly Organic Lawn Care

Fire Belly is an organic fertilizer that is safe for your lawn. Fire Belly eliminates toxic chemicals and harmful pesticides so that you can care for your lawn in a healthy and environmentally responsible way.

Bug Slug Pest Repellent

Bug Slug pest repellent is an effective pest control that is safe for your family and the environment. It is free of toxic chemicals, and is biologically and ecologically safe.

LED and Solar Outdoor Lighting

Use the combination of the sun’s rays and LED’s to power your outdoor lighting! A great way to add renewable energy to your outdoor space.

Luminous planter

This is a great and stylish way to light up your yard. What’s better? The planter is 100% recyclable.


Choose this innovative gardening system that saves up to 70% water compared to surface irrigation. Not only is GrowOya great for the environment, but it also is low maintenance and helps your plants grow faster!

Switching to some of these eco-friendly products will significantly improve your home’s sustainability and make your household more green.