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This Earth Month, we asked people to do just one thing to support community solar. Why community solar? Because it’s the easiest, most efficient way to bring solar power to the greatest number of people. There’s no installation or extra cost with community solar; you don’t even have to own your home. Instead, you join a local solar farm that adds clean energy to your local power grid.

Community solar makes the benefits of solar power accessible to anyone who pays a power bill, not just people who can afford to install solar panels on their roofs. That makes it a key tool in building a 100% renewable energy future. But so far, fewer than 20 states have passed legislation to enable community solar.

We wanted to mobilize people to change that, so we created the Greater Grid Pledge. Everyone who signed the pledge received our limited newsletter series with more information about community solar and energy equity, as well as further actions they could take to support expanded access to solar.

More than 1,000 people signed the Greater Grid Pledge during Earth Month. Check out some of the reasons people voiced their support:

Quote reading "We all benefit when more people transition to clean energy sources." Quote reading, "There is so much we can do to do less damage on the planet and if this is one of them, then why not?"Quote reading, "I've devoted my career to educating teens & wish to be part of the greater good for our planet & future generations." - Stephanie H.Four quotes reading, "Fossil fuels are obsolete," "We need to move away from fossil fuel energy replacing them with renewables," "To lessen fossil fuel use," and "Because solar is an important part of a fossil-fuel-free future."

Want to get involved? It’s not too late! The Greater Grid is our long-term mission, not an initiative limited to Earth Month. Add your name today — do it for the Greater Grid.