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General Motors announced yesterday that they are going all-electric. They are ending their relationship with nonrenewable fuel and working towards a zero-emission future. Next year, they are launching two fully-electric models. By 2023, they will have a total of 20 on their line.

The Electric Trend is Growing

A slew of other automakers announced that they are moving away from gasoline- and diesel-powered vehicles. However, GM’s announcement was particularly important given they sold 10 million cars last year, making them one of the largest automakers in the world. GM believes the future is electric, and they are working toward that future.

The World is Responding

The entire world is going electric. A huge chunk of Europe is planning to ban the sale of gas and diesel vehicles. Even China and India are joining in on the renewable trend. However, the current administration is trying to remove efficiency requirements because of the heaps of investment they get from oil and coal.

**The Future of Electric **

There is minimal chance that any automaker choosing not to go electric will survive in the new economy. Because electric has reached one of the top automakers, the influence will spread wide. General Motors knows that the time is now to go electric. The fuel is cheaper, easier, and more accessible. The world is changing, will we?

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