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Accounting for over 25 percent of the U.S. population, Millennials are oftentimes criticized for perpetuating a “culture of convenience” and living their lives behind screens. But recent data shows that they are taking the environment into greater consideration than other generations in both their personal and professional lives. 

Supporting Eco-conscious Businesses

According to a Nielsen global study, Millennials are more likely than any other age group to take a company’s environmental contributions into account when making a purchase. In fact, Millennials are more willing to pay extra for sustainable offerings. They are also influencing consumer behavior. Companies like Google and Apple have made huge commitments to renewable energy. Just last year, Google officially achieved 100% its goal of offsetting all of its energy usages with wind power. As millennials continue to take companies environmental contributions into account, these businesses will be more and more cognizant of supporting renewable energy as part of their corporate social responsibility.

**Connecting with the World **

With social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter,  Millennials not only have access to up-to-date information on global environmental issues and initiatives but to political opinions from their own digital networks as well.  Online activism has reinvented how a movement gathers momentum - and millennials have been at the center of this in recent years. Often defined as “social entrepreneurship”, eco-conscious Millennials often feel compelled to share their beliefs on what aspects of renewable energy we must resolve, and how, with their networks.

Becoming the Next Civic-Generation

Millennials are the generation most dedicated to volunteering. Having been mandated to collect service hours in high school and further encouraged to continue those practices in college, millennials have been encouraged to give back to their communities.

**Choosing Clean Energy Themselves **

Many millennials are eco-conscious homeowners and renters, actively seeking ways they can work cut back on their energy usage and support renewable energy. About 30% of Arcadia members are classified as millennials, each playing an instrumental role in saving the environment by accessing clean energy while **saving money. **

As this generation and future generations demand cleaner, renewable energy, and greater control, power companies will have to adapt to meet their needs. Smart thermostats, community solar, wind power, and more will continue to see increased demand. And supporting renewables is a great first step to a better, cleaner future.