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Facebook is investing massively in renewables for their new $750 million data center in Virginia. Not only are they working to make the space itself energy-efficient and sustainable, but they are making strides to do the same for the entire state.

What Facebook’s Data Center is All About

They are building this data center right outside of Richmond, VA. Facebook will incorporate outdoor air as well as an evaporating cooling system to manage the temperature in the data center. They are partnering with Dominion Energy to offset the energy use of the data center by building new solar installations all across the state.

The Positive Effects on Virginia’s Environment

Facebook is funding solar projects in a state where solar was once practically nonexistent. They hope that with renewable energy, they can improve both the design of the building as well as the state of Virginia itself. By spreading their sustainable impact beyond the walls of the center, they foster a sense of community involvement in the surrounding areas. It makes their impact much larger, as it feeds to a central goal of bettering the environment for all.

The Social Effects on Virginia

The state of Virginia is thrilled to be the landing spot for Facebook’s new data center. They hope that this will encourage other massive tech companies, such as Amazon, to flock to VA for construction. Having these massive tech companies in-state not only helps fund the state itself but creates jobs for those in the surrounding area. This 1 million square foot data center will create thousands of construction jobs and 100 full-time employees post construction.

Hopefully, other companies will take notice, and put the state they are building in more in the forefront of their minds. By supporting the state through renewable energy, they are also supporting the power for their very own company.

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