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What is energy choice?

Many people have only one choice for their delivery and supply of electric power. Meaning, you have one utility company based on where you live, and that’s it. They control how your energy is generated — whether from fossil fuels or clean energy — and what it costs.

However, in 17 states, and the District of Columbia, individuals have the ability to choose from a variety of different energy suppliers.

Regulated vs. deregulated energy markets

Regulated energy markets were put in place in the 1930s as a means to control consumer costs, and ensure access. In regulated states, the utilities own all of the infrastructure that we depend on for power delivery, including poles, wires, substations, and so forth. Regulated utilities are also responsible for generation or purchase of power supply on the consumer’s behalf.

Most states still retain regulated energy markets. However, in the past few decades that has begun to change. Today, seventeen states and the District of Columbia have deregulated many parts of their electric energy industry. Any state that retains its existing monopoly structure for utilities is a regulated state. Deregulated states are those who allow competitive electric markets.

If you live in one of these deregulated energy states, you have the ability to shop for an independent energy supplier. You have the option to look around for a cheaper price for electricity or gas, and for cleaner power options.

Unfortunately, making that choice on your own is often difficult, opaque, and expensive. Arcadia’s Price Alerts feature is an entirely new way to navigate the energy supply market. Our team does the work to identify cheaper supply rates for you. If we find one that’s lower than what you are currently paying, you’re alerted and we automatically switch you over, connecting you to clean energy at the same time. You always have the chance to opt-out out of any new rate, and if the rate goes up, we’ll start looking for a lower rate for you again. We guarantee no extra charges, contracts, or cancelation fees.

Because Price Alerts monitors competitive energy markets for better rates, it is only available in deregulated energy states.

Can you choose clean energy in a regulated state?

Yes! Arcadia lets you choose clean energy through a variety of programs, and it’s completely free to join.

Through our platform you have access to several clean energy and savings programs. All of your clean energy, savings, and utility bill are consolidated into one easy monthly statement from us. You get the statement that shows your clean impact, energy usage, and savings, and we handle all the rest.

Join Arcadia and check which clean energy and savings program are available in your area. Sign up is completely free and takes just two minutes.