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Elon Musk is at the forefront of renewable energy news once again after offering to help rebuild Puerto Rico with solar power and batteries. Although this is a much bigger project than he has ever worked on before, he knows that Tesla will be able to completely rebuild the island’s electricity system.

How the Deal Began

Musk has already sent hundreds of PowerWall batteries to Puerto Rico. But, this time, he is stretching his impact much farther in this feat than ever before with the help of Tesla.

After Musk tweeted about wanting to help, and the Governor of Puerto Rico took notice. Gov. Ricardo Rossello repackaged this offer with a scalability potential. He tweeted at Musk and suggested that this could become a “flagship” project to help showcase the capabilities of Tesla Technology.

The Conversation on Solar Energy Continues

The two are now in conversation about how to approach this revamp. The major problem is the Puerto Rican government, as there are too many bureaucratic and financial limitations on what the two can do. These limitations will only make the process of redesigning Puerto Rico’s power structure with solar.

The good news is that the citizens can make a huge difference in decision making. Elon Musk has urged commercial stakeholders and the people of Puerto Rico to speak up and stand for renewable energy.

The Future of Puerto Rico

This could help Puerto Rico get back on its feet much quicker than the traditional electricity grid could. Hopefully, in a state of crisis, the government will become more lenient with certain regulations hindering Musk and Gov. Rossello from moving forward. Letting some light into PR can only help the dire situation that Puerto Ricans are in now.

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