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Electric vehicle sales in the U.S. have skyrocketed the past year, increasing over 45% from July 2016. Since last July, over 745,000 electric cars were sold just by the top three sellers. Tesla, Chevy, and Toyota are the highest sellers crushing this market.

The sales were never the same

Electric car sales have never seen an increase as significant as this. There was once a 32% increase from 2012 to 2016, but never an almost a 50% increase in sales in just a year.

The EV trend is even spreading to Europe. According to a recent ING study, there will be a 100% market share of EVs in Europe by 2035. The battery prices have decreased and the availability of EVs has only increased. This leads to the perfect storm of EVs taking over the entire world.

Companies and communities alike were originally wary about electric vehicles. Because of their potential unreliability when it comes to distance and refilling stations, as well as their high cost for battery power, people avoided buying EVs for a while. Now that the U.S. has accommodated to the new trend by providing more charging stations, and manufacturers have found a cheaper way to make batteries, the sales are only increasing.

So what does the future hold for EVs in the U.S.

There are exactly 43,857 charging outlets in the United States, as of today. And the numbers are only growing. This means that is becoming extremely accessible to everyone across the country to purchase an electric vehicle.

The only problem is that people have already purchased vehicles in the U.S. from years when car companies never took the environmental impact into consideration. For example, there were over 17.5 million new cars purchased last year, higher than any previous year before. But if we are able to move the marketing of cars into the world of EVs, we can take some of the petrol and diesel cars off of the road.