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Power outages can occur for all sorts of reasons, whether it be a large snowfall, a powerful thunderstorm, or an unexplained mishap in the power grid. Therefore, it is always good to be prepared in the event that an outage does occur. Here are a few things to keep in mind for preparing for this type of emergency.

1. Always Have Plenty of Water


We put this one first because it is definitely the most important. Particularly during the winter when pipes can freeze, water may not always be accessible. Having an emergency supply of bottled water is crucial in case there is this type of emergency. Have pets? A bonus reason to keep water on hand.

2. Have a Portable Phone Charger

portable charger

Having access to a charged phone is critical in today’s world, especially in an emergency situation. Not only will it allow you to make calls to your power company for updates, but there are the other features to a phone that are important as well. Whether it means being able to text your friends, family, or neighbors, playing a cell phone game, or using its flashlight feature, being able to have a phone is being able to keep yourself sane during a prolonged outage. Therefore, we suggest purchasing a battery powered portable phone charger that will ensure you access to a charged phone even when there is no power to be found.

3. Have a Readily Available Supply of Extra Candles


Flashlights work wonderfully, but if you’ve ever been in a power outage, you know it gets tedious holding it wherever you. With candles, at least you can walk through a room being able to see any obstacles in your way. Candles also provide a homey, comfortable feel to a room–something that can be quickly felt lost during an outage.

4. Keep a Stock of Non-Perishable Canned Goods


Food should be a top consideration when preparing for an unexpected outage. It is always useful to have plenty of canned goods, in the event that you will not be able to use your stove or oven. Portable stoves can be expensive, so simply keeping stocked up on a few potential meals from a can go a long way and save you money.

5. Keep Warm Blankets


Not having heat can be very uncomfortable in a winter outage. Even if it means storing some that you never use in a closet, you will be thankful when the heat goes off and you have something to wrap yourself with.

5. Extra Batteries

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