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The support for renewable energy is growing in the corporate world. Corporations are not just supporting renewable energy, but expanding their support over the next few years. A recent study,  ”The State of Renewable Energy Procurement,” conducted by the GreenBiz Group and Apex showed this growing trend. They found that 84% of the corporate renewable energy buyers surveyed plan to pursue renewable over the next decade.

The Survey

They surveyed over 150 business leaders from companies with companies with annual revenues over $250 million. They interviewed them specifically on their energy strategies and feeling towards or their commitment to supporting renewable energy. The main point of the was to build on previous surveys to expand what actually motivates people who buy renewable energy and the structure of how they do so.

For example, they were asked about their interest in pursuing renewable energy in the next decade and what renewable energy strategies they use or have considered. They also asked about their most commonly used renewable purchasing strategies.

The Results

Out of all of the respondents, 57% of them already had targets for renewable energy in place. Some of the respondents even said that a 100% target is achievable. The majority of the corporate leaders surveyed said that their renewable energy came from on-site projects. “Purchased RECs” was the second highest source of renewable energy.

What This Means for the Industry

Although this is just one study, it helps prove that corporations are not backing down from renewable energy even when the government does. This is extremely good news for the country as a whole. Renewable energy is cheaper, more reliable, and produces virtually no pollution. The more companies that are dedicated to the clean energy cause, the more money that is put towards supporting renewable energy across the country.