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Halloween is a distant memory, and the turkey’s all gone. Snow, lights, song, and cheer mean the holidays are definitely here. Still looking for a few gifts to give? We’ve got you covered with five cool clean energy gifts that are certain to surprise your friends and family.

Every holiday season it can feel like wasteful wrapping and “stuff” never ends. We know, we’ve been there. But from solar-powered chargers to biomass camp stoves or recycled blankets, there are a variety of gift options that support renewable energy and sustainable efforts. And what’s better than knowing that your holiday gift purchasing can actually have a positive impact on the environment?

PCR blankets

Everyone needs a favorite, soft, and comfortable, go-to winter blanket. It’s one of the coziest clean energy gifts you could ever give (or receive). Getting one made from post-consumer recycled (PCR) plastic materials will make your new favorite blanket sustainable too. Highly durable (and affordable) options are available at Patagonia, LL Bean, and other companies dedicated to producing sustainable home goods and linens.

Check out these unique throws from In2Green, as a good place to start.

Biomass camp stove

For friends and family who like outdoor adventures, a biomass camp stove eliminates the need to carry fossil fuel in with you. Generate the heat you need to cook with biomass, such as pine cones, twigs wood, and other natural plant material.

Some camp stove designs also include a thermoelectric generator that powers a fan for convection. The CampStove2 from BioLite boasts an integrated battery and updated LED dashboard for enhanced control and feedback.

Solar-powered chargers

Improve efficiency. support sustainability, and keep connected with solar-powered chargers for your nearest and dearest. Everyone wants to stay connected, and there’s no better way to power your devices sustainably than with solar energy.

According to Top Ten Reviews, the X-Dragon Solar Charger is a high-capacity lithium polymer battery that utilizes four solar panels in charging your phone. Other portable power solutions leverage natural sunlight to keep your electronics in use during long trips or even your day-to-day routine.

Solar toys

Solar-powered toys provide the same level of entertainment and fun as the battery-operated gifts that we grew up with. From solar-hopping frogs and solar-powered race cars, there are any number of gifts for the children in your life that use renewable energy sources. Companies like Helio and Gear Best make eco-friendly products that educate and entertain children with the use of LED lights and solar power.

Solar bags

Different types of bags feature solar panels to keep smart phones, cameras, and laptops powered on the go. Whether your friends or family need a messenger bag, backpack, or purse, solar bags are available for many different needs. These practical gifts ensure efficiency in delivering portable power during long outdoor adventures or commutes to and from work.

Check out some of the options from Votaic Systems, a New York City based portable solar company pioneering some very cool designs.

By reducing the need for traditional power sources, these sustainable gifts provide practical, eco-friendly options when picking out gifts for your dear family and friends. Your loved ones are sure to appreciate the significant contributions your gifts will make to their lives — and the environment. Each of the gifts here were designed with sustainability in mind, and prove that it’s easy to incorporate clean energy into any lifestyle.

Need more ideas to improve yours or someone else’s sustainability? Arcadia can help you. See how easy it is to choose clean energy in your neighborhood. Contact us to check availability or to learn more about choosing clean energy gifts today.