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What’s not to love about solar power? It’s abundant. It’s inexpensive. It adds clean energy to our power supply rather than extracting resources like coal and natural gas. But even though 80% of Americans support more solar power, it’s largely out of reach for most of them. Traditionally, solar power has only been available to homeowners with the right roof, right credit score, and right budget to install rooftop solar panels. That excludes two-thirds of US households.

Community solar can help solve that accessibility problem by making solar an option for anyone who pays a power bill — whether they rent or own their homes. But despite its great benefits, community solar is only available in a fraction of states. And not all those states have active programs.

Map showing the status of community solar legislation in each state. States with active community solar programs: Oregon, Colorado, Minnesota, Illinois, Virginia, Maryland, DC, New Jersey, New York, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Maine. States with community solar laws but no active programs: Hawaii, Washington, California, South Carolina, North Carolina, Delaware, Connecticut, Vermont. States actively considering new community solar programs: New Mexico, Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania

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Past advocacy efforts

The Maine legislature is considering changes that would drastically reduce the reach of Maine’s community solar program. More than 200 of our members in Maine signed a petition to let their state representatives know they support community solar for all Mainers. We’ll be submitting the petition to the legislature at the beginning of April.


Earlier this year, 555 Arcadia members in Maryland signed a petition asking the Maryland Public Service Commission to expand the state’s burgeoning community solar program, increasing solar development, supporting local jobs, and providing guaranteed bill savings to more Maryland residents. Thank you!

New Mexico

New Mexico became the latest state to adopt community solar in March! Thank you to all our New Mexico members who wrote to their representatives in support of the Community Solar Act - SB 84. We can’t wait to help bring you easy access to solar power.

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