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The Prime Minister of the Caribbean island of Dominica spoke on climate change at the United Nations last week. Hurricane Maria destroyed the island nation of Dominica this month, and Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit strongly urged the U.N. and world leaders to act on climate change.

The Caribbean Fights for the Earth

Prime Minister Skerrit told hundreds of leaders that denying climate change is just procrastinating the inevitable. Skerrit said the warming of the earth has changed the weather patterns and made extreme weather even more extreme. This is a well known, studied, and agreed upon fact in the scientific community. The most upsetting part to him was that his people did the least to contribute to climate change, but are experiencing the worst of it.

What Was So Incredible About His Speech

Famous and powerful politicians have not discussed climate change, let alone mention it. But Skerrit’s speech was not only on climate change but was the entire topic. No meeting, policy decisions, or discussions, in a while, have been entirely on the topic. Prime Minister Skerrit is making history and is igniting change, even if it may seem like a small feat.

The Prime Minister’s Call to Action

He urged the entire U.N. to help Dominica recover from Maria immediately. He knows that the effects are only going to get worse. The towns within his jurisdiction are already vulnerable because of the hurricane. If the sea levels rise 3 feet as expected due to the increase in temperature, thousands upon thousands of his citizens will be displaced. He and his community know the social costs of global warming, as they have already experienced only a slice of what is to come. However, he has inspiring other leaders across the world with his efforts, especially leaders governing the areas affected by the hurricane.

Any efforts to make the world a better place are always worth it.

Source: The New Yorker