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Lately, we have been seeing countries around the world switch over to electric vehicles. Oil and diesel cars are becoming something of the past. Australia, however, has taken it an extra step by announcing the development of their electric super highway.

What the super highway will look like

This “electric super highway” project is Australia’s way of designing a road that caters to electric vehicles. On this $3 million, 1,240 mile (2,000 KM) road, there are 18 charging stations at the drivers’ convenience. These stations will have the ability to fully charge a car within 30 minutes - which is extremely fast in the EV world.

All of these amenities are so the drivers are encouraged to go electric. This country, along with many others, is starting to see the true benefit of electric vehicles, and are beginning to spread the worth to their citizens.

Why are we transitioning to electric

The charging stations will be free when they first build the road. This is to encourage the drivers to use electric vehicles, given free promotions usually do the job to encourage any mass population to make a switch.

All around the world, countries are trying to encourage their citizens to use electric vehicles. Electric vehicles are sustainable, widely available, and easy to recharge. They’re also much cheaper than they once were. These are all incredible selling points for any type of marketing, especially for cars that are already dominating the market.

Where this is happening

This specific project will be built in Queensland, Australia. But there are several other projects popping up both in Europe and the United States that will look fairly similar to this one. Renewables for our home, and now for our mode of transportation, are becoming much more widely available. The rest of the world is switching to renewables and we need to catch up!