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The largest electric utility in Arizona is increasing the funding for customer storage incentive by 50%. They are encouraging customers to save energy which, in turn, reduces the peak demand. This program, called the Demand Response, Energy Storage and Load Management program, is a healthy change to the way utilities run.

What APS is doing

With more money put towards energy saving and storage, APS can increase funding and reduce costs for energy saving devices, like thermostats. This means that they are helping their customers save energy and money, both on their electric bill and on the devices that help reduce their usage. In the end, the more customers using fewer kWh, the better off our earth will be.

APS is taking advantage of energy reducing products not just to make money from them, but to help reduce the demand during peak periods. They designed this initiative to “facilitate demand response, peak demand management, and load shifting technologies.” To do so, they are supplying and installing smart thermostats.

What the smart technology does

These smart thermostats do more than just control the temperature in your home. They have an energy efficiency function and the ability to control it from a cell phone. It can even send its data to your utility for future use in demand response events.

The goals of DRESLM

The DRESLM program is available to customers who have at least 30 kWh of usage.

According to the utility’s application, they hope to:

  • Reduce the peak load by 13.25 MW

  • Avoid having to reduce solar during periods of negative pricing

  • Shift non-residential loads to times when renewable energy is abundant

In the end, APS will save thousands of kWh of energy and help reduce the energy demand across our country.