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epa-gppThe EPA announced 63 new organizations that have joined the Green Power Partnership since October. These 63 organizations join a list of over 1,300 organizations that includes Intel, Wal-Mart, and Starbucks.

Of these 63 new organizations, 40 are Arcadia businesses. Our businesses are leading the fight against climate change by choosing 100% renewable energy powered by wind farms.

Currently, rooftop solar is only available to 15% of U.S. buildings, and green power purchasing has for too long only been available to Fortune 500 companies. Arcadia gives any small business or home across the country access to clean energy markets, providing a choice of where their electricity is sourced.

By increasing the number of people accessing this market, Arcadia is driving demand for new renewable generation on the power grid. In addition, Arcadia provides valuable marketing for businesses by communicating the organization’s green efforts and the benefits of clean power.

Our growing community of mission-driven organizations is becoming a powerful tool for change. It’s rapid growth, as evidenced by making up over half of new Green Power Partners, is setting an example that becoming 100% renewable is extremely accessible and simple. Together, through a growing community of environmentally aware organizations, we can create a clean energy future.

Interesting in joining up with your home or business? Check it out.