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Since launching in 2018, Real Simple Energy (RSE) has helped lead a revolution in the Texas retail energy market where customers choose us to be their independent, trusted, and automated energy advisor.

We share the same core values: a relentless focus on customer service and delivering a seamless energy-buying experience.

I started RSE after struggling to save money on my own home energy plan. At the time, I was a wholesale power trader with a major investment bank and my role included trading large power contracts including power swaps, options, swaptions, and weather derivatives. These products should have been much more complex than a residential electricity plan, but in many cases, they weren’t. Most plans I saw were unnecessarily complicated and designed to trick consumers. I thought to myself, if I had trouble understanding them, how could the average person?!

Our mission since Day 1 has been to be an unbridled advocate for the Texas energy consumer. RSE has delivered massive savings to our customers and simplified the complex world of residential electricity plans. The service easily pays for itself and has finally put the power back in the hands of Texas energy consumers.

While RSE has been growing in Texas, Arcadia, founded in 2014 and the first nationwide, digital, distributed energy platform, has been working toward a similar mission at an incredible pace across the United States. Our business models and processes are incredibly similar, and we share the same core values: a relentless focus on customer service and delivering a seamless energy-buying experience.

We felt that to further these values and our service offerings, it was in the best interest of our customers to partner with Arcadia and have the ability to leverage their talented team, amazing technology, and wide range of enterprise partnerships. RSE will help increase Arcadia’s presence in Texas and we’ll be able to offer our existing customers an even better experience.

We are incredibly proud of what we have built, and I am so proud of our team who has worked so hard for our customers over the past few years. Our success is validated each day with strong customer growth and incredible feedback from happy customers who tell us, “You have a customer for life!”

This journey has been quite a ride and we are ready for the next chapter.

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Trent Crow

Trent Crow is the founder and CEO of Real Simple Energy.

Houston, TX