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The energy and transportation sectors are the primary contributors to greenhouse gas emissions in the US, each contributing almost 30% of our nationwide total. At Nanogrid, we understand deeply how our country’s energy generation and transportation sectors are closely tied to climate change.

To talk about climate solutions, we need to look closely at how we interact with energy in our daily lives, from heating and cooling our homes to transporting ourselves and goods across the country.

Founded in 2017, Nanogrid started out with a mission of speeding up the adoption of actionable, climate-friendly technologies that are both cost-effective and (as anyone who has felt the thrill of an electric vehicle’s instant torque and acceleration can attest) often objectively superior to burning fossil fuels. We are finding new ways to fight climate change through electricity that is both cost-effective and cleaner. Our core technology, an energy optimization API service, accelerates the adoption of electrified mobility and electrified buildings by giving energy product manufacturers a way to build smarter, cost-efficient products that are personalized for each customer’s home.

Today marks an important milestone for the Nanogrid team and customers as we join forces with Arcadia to help propel a clean energy future forward for all. Arcadia has built an impressive platform connecting to customers’ utility accounts that will allow Nanogrid to provide an automation layer for the rest of the energy industry. We’ll be able to leverage and personalize products and services on top of customer data to save customers money, time, and emissions.

Both Nanogrid and Arcadia have values and core missions that center on enhancing the user experience for consumers in the energy space as well as educating, empowering, and simplifying such a complex industry. Arcadia is engaging with customers about electricity usage, rates, and emissions impact, all without the customer having to change anything about their lifestyle. It’s a great fit for what we do at Nanogrid because our technology ingests utility rate and usage data to find the cheapest energy rate for customers and ensure they use electricity at the most opportune time.

Together, we can automate when devices such as electric vehicle (EV) charging stations, home batteries, and electric heat pump water heaters should operate for the cheapest, cleanest power, taking into account the home’s electricity rate and other factors, such as the grid’s forecasted carbon intensity near that home.

We are excited to work with Arcadia to continue delivering services that help automate and optimize customers’ energy consumption and do good for the planet. This technology minimizes the operating costs of electric appliances in the home, making total electrification more affordable and accessible.

Looking ahead, more people will be buying EVs and bringing other electrified appliances into their homes. We need to make the experience of adopting those technologies as inexpensive and user-friendly as possible to encourage more people to do it. With Arcadia, we can.

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Jon McKay

Jon McKay is the co-founder and CEO of Nanogrid.

Oakland, CA