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Starting a new job in the midst of a global pandemic has its challenges. But when that job centers around making renewable energy accessible to all, it also has its rewards.

In the energy and utility industries, it’s always been about giving people what they need. At Arcadia, we’re offering consumers a product they want.

I started as the new chief product officer at Arcadia in February and had the privilege of spending a couple of weeks in the Washington, DC office getting to know the team. When the mayor issued stay-at-home orders, I returned home to New York City to be with my family and work remotely.

Part of my work actually revolves around New York. In my new role as Chief Product Officer, I’ll be opening up Arcadia’s New York office. Arcadia has a national footprint, with members in all 50 states. The ability of our product and platform to span across cities and states — to build one community and a national movement — is one of our key differentiators. We’re thrilled to be expanding our team to new cities outside of DC and to call New York our second home.

In the energy and utility industries, it’s always been about giving people what they need. At Arcadia, we’re offering consumers a product they want. Now with teams centered in both the policy and media capitals of the country, we’re positioned to build a customer-focused business in a space that hasn’t historically been customer-centric.

I was drawn to Arcadia because I wanted to be involved in an initiative with lasting power; I wanted a job that would make an impact for generations. As an entrepreneur, I’ve spent my career building products that anticipate needs in people’s lives. In 2010, I started a company that’s now called ClassPass, which allows fitness lovers to access an array of fitness classes at different gyms and studios. After that, I led product at Knotel, a flexible workspace provider that explored what the future of work might look like. In each role, I’ve peeled back the onion to reveal what’s been important to me.

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At Arcadia, we’re doing something astounding — we’re building a bridge from the people who are supplying and creating renewable energy to those who want to partake in this initiative and switch to renewable energy from fossil fuels. And we’re not just targeting customers who are environmentalists concerned about climate change. We want to reach a broad audience that chooses us for our product, our customer service, our price, and, yes, our impact on the environment. We aren’t just a company that cares about renewable energy and saving the planet. We’re a company committed to the power of individual climate action.

At our core, we’re empowering people to do what’s best for the planet.

Since my job here began, so much in the world around us has changed, and my desire to make a lasting impact is even stronger. COVID-19 has taught us that no matter who we are or where we are, we all care about many of the same things. We’re seeing people in every hemisphere fighting the same problem. We’re learning that we can all come together and make a difference.

While there’s no silver lining to COVID-19, there are lessons that we can learn. And one is that when it comes to climate change, damage can be undone, and individual impact makes a difference. In parts of India where my family is from, smog has cleared and the outline of the Himalayas is visible. In a matter of weeks, the skies have cleared to reveal something that people haven’t seen in decades.

It isn’t too late to do something about climate change.

In my role with Arcadia, I’m working to simplify the concept of renewable energy so that it’s easy for customers to understand. We’re packaging it all in a single transaction so that customers just have to make one decision: do you want renewable energy or do you not? Do you want to do something about climate change, or do you not? To empower them, we’ve built a user experience that is simple, accessible, and engaging.

Recent events have shown us just how connected we are and how we must all care for our planet, and for one another. As we look to a cleaner, healthier future, choosing Arcadia is an easy place to start.

Want to change the future of energy?
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Sanjiv Sanghavi

Sanjiv Sanghavi is the Chief Product Officer at Arcadia.

New York, NY