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Amazon has just patented roving drones that can hook up to electric vehicles while on the road and give them a boost of energy. This accessibility can help change the electric vehicle market for good.

The History of Amazon Solving Problems

Amazon is known for dipping its toes into almost every part of its customers’ lives, making every part much easier and more accessible to them. After just recently buying Whole Foods, the world never thought that Amazon could get any bigger. Now, they have entered one of the largest, if not the largest, market - the automobile industry.

Amazon Addresses the Problems with Electric Vehicles

Amazon already sells home charging stations. Now, they are able to provide their customers charging on the go. Although electric cars are gaining popularity, there are still some downsides that discourage people from buying them. One of the largest issues that electric car owners run into is the lack of charging stations. This means they risk the running out of battery every time they take longer trips. However, as usual, Amazon has stepped in to solve the problem. By sending drones with electricity to the problem, that range anxiety will decrease.

How the EV Charging Drone Works

The patented process works by having the drone communicate with the electric vehicles out on the road. The drones use servers that monitor the EV’s energy needs. When a car is in need of energy, the servers tell the drones where to meet vehicles on the road. It then meets the car wherever it is and connects to its roof or door to fuel it. This works even when the car is in motion.

Soon, Amazon drones will be sending us packages while recharging our cars. Maybe we are already in the tech-driven future we have fantasized, and honestly questioned, about for years. Hopefully, this accessibility to electricity will encourage people to buy EV’s, making the road a safer, cleaner place.

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