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You’ve signed up for Arcadia. Now what? Everything you need to know about your Arcadia membership is right at your fingertips. Your dashboard will direct you to countless ways to save money, energy, and the environment.

Want to dive deeper into how you are using clean energy and saving money? We are here to help you better understand and get the most out of Arcadia. 

Navigating Your AP Dashboard

There are just three key sections of the Arcadia dashboard. You can find all of these on the left-side menu as you navigate through your dashboard.

  1. Main - This is where you will be able to view your energy usage, clean energy impact, and any notifications or referrals that you have received.
  2. Offerings - Here you will find any and all programs that you enrolled in, including details on each of them and instructions for how to enroll.
  3. Account - This is where all of your foundational account information and previous statements live.


Main - Getting Started

A. Logging In

To start exploring all that your Arcadia account has to offer, all you have to do is log in with the username and password you created your account with. You can also log-in with just your email.

B. My Energy Usage

Once you are logged into your account, the first thing you will see is your personalized energy usage graph titled “My Energy Usage”. This shows you your monthly energy breakdown by source. You can see the amount of clean energy you are supporting to offset the rest of your usage. It also compares your energy usage with the average energy usage of a typical Arcadia member so that you can see how you stack up against fellow members.

C. Notifications and Referrals

The “Notification” section of your dashboard is there to let you know if there are any incomplete parts of your account. For example, if you remembered to link your utility account but forgot to add your payment method, it will let you know.

The “Referrals” is there to guide you on:

  1. How to refer friends and/or family to Arcadia
  2. Who (if anyone) you referred to Arcadia
  3. If anyone you referred signed up
  4. The savings you have received from each referral

Offerings - Managing Your Arcadia Account

In the “Offerings” section, there are a number of different programs that you can choose from.

A. Bill Pay

The first option you will see is “Bill Pay”. This is where you connect your payment method to Arcadia’s platform so that we are able to automate your utility bill payments, apply any eligible savings to your monthly bill, connect you to clean wind energy, and so much more.  You are not required to pay any fees beyond your regular monthly utility charge.


You will also be able to see your utility charges, your bill history, the status of your next utility bill, and any savings you receive through the Arcadia programs you are enrolled in. If you choose to cover all of your usage with 100% wind energy, you will see a small charged based on how many kWh you use a month. This is the only additional fee you will see from Arcadia.

For more information on how our billing process works, check out Understanding Your Clean Energy Statement.

B. Price Alerts

Here you will be able to see whether or not you are enrolled in price alerts. It will either say “enrolled” or “not available”.

If you are eligible for our Price Alerts program, we monitor the energy market and work with suppliers to find you a new, better, lower rate. Price Alerts is available in Illinois, Ohio, New Hampshire, Maryland, Washington, D.C., Rhode Island, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Delaware, New Jersey, Maine and New York. __

C. Wind Energy
  1. Our Wind Energy program is available to all Arcadia members. You have the ability to cover half of all of your usage with 100% wind energy. This part of the dashboard helps you see:
  2. The breakdown of your usage by source
  3. How much energy you use monthly in kWh
  4. The CO2 equivalent of your usage
  5. Your usage compared to everyone in the U.S. and those in your state
  6. The locations of the wind farms


D. Community Solar

We have two different Community Solar programs. One of our Community Solar programs is currently available to all Arcadia members. To access Community Solar, all you have to do is connect your utility account, purchase as many panels as you’d like, and enjoy your savings in real time! This portion of the dashboard is where you can see the production of your panels as well as the savings you receive from this production.


Our other Community Solar program is currently only available to those in New York State. To sign up for this program, all you have to do is connect your utility account to receive savings. If you are signed up for this program, this portion of the dashboard will also show you real-time production and the amount of savings you receive.

E. Home Efficiency

This section is here to help you make your home more energy efficient. We provide a number of tips to help you make your home more efficient. We also included a link to add yourself to our waiting list to receive home efficiency technology and products at no upfront cost.

Account - Where to Find Important Account Information

A. My Account

This is where you can add or change your personal information, payment information, utility login information, and your Arcadia password. You can also submit a move request if you are currently or will be moving addresses.

B. Statements

Here is where you can access current or previous Arcadia statements.

The best part? Your Arcadia dashboard is specifically personalized for you. Whether you want to sign up for Community Solar, support 100% Wind Energy, or just learn how to make your home more efficient - how you use Arcadia is up to you. Don’t forget to check-in on your dashboard once a month to view your usage, and check out our FAQ page if you have any other questions.