Energy Tech Tips Community

2017 was a busy year for all of us. Our team launched a new, modern energy dashboard and our new automated energy advisor - Price Alerts. We also sold out our nationwide solar co-op projects, and our community of members grew by over 180%. Most importantly, our Arcadia member community made an incredible impact on advancing renewable energy together, while saving some cash along the way.

Last week we released our 2017 Impact Report.  The report details how much clean energy our Arcadia members supported in 2017, how much money they saved, and the overall impact they made on the clean energy movement.


Here are some of the major highlights from 2017:

  • Our members accessed 212,075,885 kWh of clean wind energy.

  • There were $36,135 solar savings paid to our members.

  • Between October and November of 2017, the solar panels produced over 30,000 kWh of clean energy.

  • Our members have received over 6,000 LED light bulbs to improve their home efficiency.

  • Almost 4,000 members upped their commitment from the Free Wind Energy Membership to Premium.

It has been an incredible year. We are happy to have worked with you all to disrupt a century-old industry. We could not have done it without your support.  Join us to make 2018 even better. We’ll be your energy advocates.