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The Bay Area has long been viewed as a leader in the clean energy movement, thanks to environmentally friendly policies from some of its largest corporate citizens. But don’t forget about the little guy.

We’re proud to welcome 13 small Bay Area businesses to the Arcadia family, all from in and around San Francisco and the Silicon Valley.  Each of them is now eligible for the EPA’s Green Power Partnership and running on 100% clean, renewable, pollution-free energy.

And it gets even cooler. Two of those businesses, Capitola Veterinary Hospital and San Francisco’s SRT Consultants, have been named by California Air Resources Board (ARB) 2015 CoolCalifornia Small Businesses of the Year. Big congratulations to both companies for the honor and in the words of the ARB, “demonstrating exceptional climate change management practices and emission reductions, while documenting their cost savings, return on investment and benefits received from taking specific actions.”

As leaders in the green power movement, the businesses are getting attention for more than just their environmental stewardship. It used to be that efforts to combat climate change were considered cumbersome, but as ARB Chairman Mary D. Nichols points out, this year’s winners show “that the connection between climate-friendly business practices and a healthy bottom line is both real and positive.” Other businesses are starting to notice that a healthy planet can also mean a healthy bottom line.

These 13 small businesses are setting the example for the responsible practices we want and need to see in our communities. They’re the pioneers that will lead us to a cleaner, safer, more sustainable energy future. And we could not be prouder to be their partners in protecting the planet. 

Here are the Bay Area’s newest clean energy businesses.  If you have the chance, check them out. They’re awesome.    

Azucar Lounge

Capitola Veterinary Hospital HAE Now Max Green Alchemy Mission Pie Muzzey Media Nest Bedding SRT Consultants Stiles Hall Thirsty Bear Brewing Toadal Fitness Unique Law Yount Street Glass

  • 2015 CoolCalifornia Small Businesses of the Year.